The Marcel Desailly Foundation (MDF) is a Ghanaian based Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2010 by renowned Legendary Ex Ghanaian born French Footballer “Marcel Desailly” of great international repute and one of the most decorated African/World Footballers of the past two decades.

Based on Marcel’s passion to give back to society and his drive to provide underprivileged children the platform and guidance to help them realize their maximum potential in life…The Foundation was established. This is a direct Football and educational leadership program for children in Ghana (Africa), dedicated to developing the young and underprivileged into future role models. The foundation does this by giving them professional guidance and empowering them with the best comprehensive training programs and expert resources that provide the skills and knowledge – both athletic and academic – to fulfill their potential, self-actualization, and character development for a brighter future.

MDF is determined to outline the requisite structures to enable the Project blaze the trail to setting precedence for professionalism and opportunity to be nurtured into responsible productive citizens of Ghana/Africa. “We invest in Humanity”

Our mission is to provide education, shelter and health care to underprivileged children and to guide and equip them towards a prosperous career path