Lizzy Sports; Winners Gothia Cup, Norway Cup 2017

Lizzy Sports; Winners Gothia Cup, Norway Cup 2017

Following the many successes achieved by the Lizzy Football Training Programme and the Lizzy Sports Club both locally and internationally, the talented football team have further gone on to achieve  more success at this years’ Gothia Cup 2017 and Norway Cup 2017 in Sweden and Norway respectively.

With time the Lizzy Sports Club have become very strong contenders in the Football circle.

At the just ended Gothia Cup 2017, the Lizzy Sports Club U-12 team battled with many great teams, they faced a very tough German side SC Nienstedten in the finals. Many rounds of excellent football was exhibited by both teams but the Ghanaian U-12 side won the Gothia Cup at the end of final whistle.

Lizzy Sports Club made it to Play off A after reaching 1:st place in Group 2. Once in the playoff they won every match including the Final against SC Nienstedten, which they won with 3-1. Thereby Lizzy Sports Club won the entire Play off A in Boys 12 during Gothia Cup 2017.

Before the finals, the Lizzy Sports Club was leading with an incredible goal difference of 21-0 in 8 games with SC Nienstedten following suit with 45-2 .

This is not the first time the Lizzy Sports Club have won the Gothia Cup.  In June 2015, the U-12 team also won the Cup for the first time.


The teams set out to Norway to participate in the Norway Cup 2017, though they competed with very tough teams the boys still managed to come out as the overall winners of the Norway Cup U-12 category but the U-14 could not break out of the quarter finals stage.

U-12 Sowah Meshack  won most valuable player at the Gothia Cup 2017 for the second time in a row.

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